5 Reasons Why I Stopped Being a Calvinist

Robin Phillips has done a wonderful job in his 4 part series “Why I stopped being a calvinist”.

My wife and I used to be Calvinists (or ‘reformed’ as we liked to say), and we wanted our children to grow the same. We attended a Calvinist church and taught reformed theology to our children. Beginning in 2012, however, we began to grow increasingly uncomfortable with the primary doctrinal tenets of this perspective.

Robin explores many of the core reasons for transitioning away from a calvinist viewoint into a traditional understanding of God’s plan of salvation. Robin is a published author and contributor so several publications. His posts on calvinism are broken into 5 parts.

Part One: Calvinism presents a dehistoricized Bible

Part Two: Calvinism Destroys God’s Justice

Part Three: Calvinism Dislocates God From our Experience of Him

Part Four: The Heresy of Monergism

Part Five: A Deformed Christology


Part Five has added context as it responds to some of the common objections to the issue. In all the entire five part series is well worth a read.