Host A Conference

Is your church interested in hosting a conference concerning Soteriology and the Bible? Connect 316 is honored to partner alongside a variety of Southern Baptist speakers to promote the gospel from the perspective of our traditional understanding of God’s plan of salvation. The following individuals proclaim the truth of God’s Word while projecting a soteriological position congruent with Traditionalism. Please contact them directly to inquire about their availability.


Dr. Adam Harwood is an Associate Professor of Theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Editor of the Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry.
The Gospel: A Message for Every Person
Born Guilty? A Southern Baptist View of Original Sin
Dr. Leighton Flowers is the Director of Apologetics and Youth Evangelism for Texas Baptists. He also serves as an Associate Teaching Pastor at First Baptist Church of Richardson, Texas.
The Purpose and Power of the Gospel in Enabling the Lost
Tiptoeing Through the TULIP
Dr. David Allen is Dean of the School of Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the editor-in-chief of Southwesterns newly launched preaching blog, Preaching Source.
The Extent of the Atonement
Text-driven Preaching and Soteriology
Dr. Braxton Hunter is the President of Trinity Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana. He is an author and conference speaker in the area of apologetics.
CORE Facts About the Gospel
Soteriology and Apologetics
Dr. Richard Land is President of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Matthews, NC, Executive Editor of the Christian Post and former President of the ERLC.
Cultural Engagement and the Gospel
Congruent Election: Understanding Salvation from the “Eternal Now”
steve lemke
Dr. Steve Lemke is Provost and Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he occupies the McFarland Chair of Theology.
Whosoever Will
Biblical and Theological Critiques of Irresistible Grace
Dr. Blake Newsom is pastor of Dauphin Way Baptist Church of Mobile, AL formerly serving as Dean of Chapel and Assistant Professor of Preaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
The Gospel Definition
The Gospel and Evangelism
Dr. Rick Patrick is Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Sylacauga, Alabama. He serves as the Executive Director of Connect 316 and the Publisher of SBC Today.
Soteriological Traditionalism and Connect 316
The Effect of Salvation Doctrine Upon Ministry