Doctrinal Statements

Our confession is the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Within its broad boundaries, we also affirm A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation. The ten articles of the Traditional Statement have been summarized below in the form of an acrostic developed by Dr. Rick Patrick spelling the word POINSETTIA. You may also wish to view a chart explaining the differences between Calvinism and Traditionalism.

Pursuit Unconditional

God desires all to be saved and has made a way of salvation in Christ for any person.

Own Guilt

Fallen man inherits a sinful nature but is condemned only because of his own sin.

Inclusive Atonement

The substitutionary atonement of Christ is effective and available for every person.

Natural Responsibility

God’s grace takes all the initiative in saving souls. Man’s free response is not a work.

Spontaneous Regeneration

Any who repent and believe are regenerated at that point, not before or apart from it.​

Election Available

In election, God saves people without predetermining their souls for heaven or hell.

Transparent Foreknowledge

God’s sovereign omniscience does not mean He causes human decisions about Jesus.

True Freedom

God gives to each person actual free will to accept or reject His call to salvation.

Indestructible Security

When one is saved, God promises to complete the process, sealing their eternal fate.

Almighty Gospel

As we share God’s love, the gospel is the means of bringing any person to Christ.