Sign The Statement

1. NAME: Type your first and last name.
2. TITLE: Type your title, such as Pastor, Deacon, Layperson, Professor, Dean or President.
3. CHURCH: Type the name of your church. (If your title is ACADEMIC, feel free to list your college or seminary instead.)
4. CITY: Type the name of the city where you live.
5. STATE: Type the name of the state where you live.
6. EMAIL: Type your email address.
7. PASSWORD: Create a password OF AT LEAST EIGHT CHARACTERS and type it here. (We need this to validate signer identity.)
8. PASSWORD CONFIRMATION: Type once more the password you just created.
9. SIGN THE STATEMENT: All you do now is click on the button Sign The Statement.

This Signer’s List is NOT updated as signer information changes. It simply lists the information accurate on the day each signer signed the statement